Katie Äaberg

Katie Äaberg is the evil Boss Bitch of GOBLINKO. She is also a sensitive artist – but she is also the person behind all of GOBLINKO’S BAD IDEAS. Born & Raised in Berkeley, California – home of the Free Speech Movement, People’s Park & the Hate Man – Katie came up in the East Bay Metal, Punk & Art Scenes.KATIE Katie specializes in photography, fiber arts & organizing the chaos of GOBLINKO into something compatible with reality. It takes a strong, crazy woman to do this & Katie is the only one! So watch out you idiot! Katie is very concerned with attention to detail & quality of work, not letting any half-assed jobs leave GOBLINKO.

Katie does custom work! Hit her up! katie at goblinko.com

You can get a lot of Katie’s work at the GOBLINKO MEGAMALL



Here’s some of Katie’s work! Custom denim vests & jackets

Embroidered denim tattoos

Hand-dyed & quilted Shibori Space Mats & Quilts